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Never before in human history have we been presented with so much information, both in printed form on paper and electronically on various devices. As you read this, you may be one of the people or organisations who write this information. How do people respond? How effective is your communication? We live in a busy world, so communication needs to be good if people are to respond to it. Have you ever written a blog, maybe something to persuade people to patronise your business? Have you ever thought about writing a book or an article for a magazine? If you have ever done any of these things, you may have looked on your completed work and thought to yourself “This doesn’t look right” or “I wish I could make it look better or more professional”. If so, you may find that our paraphrasing service may help you, not only if you fit into the categories below, but if you are doing any kind of writing.  

1.Paraphrasing for academics

All academics, be they professors, researchers, authors or students need to write a great deal of material. Students, in particular, need a paraphrasing service because they are anxious to avoid plagiarism in the writing they submit. However, for all academics, it is always useful to have another pair of eyes to look over their writings. Often, simple proofreading or editing is not enough. A paraphrase can clarify a document, and make it easier for the reader to understand.  

2.Paraphrasing for businesses

Business people and their staff, in both large and small businesses, are usually very busy and do not always have sufficient time to prepare their documents as well as they would like to. This could be advertising material, standard forms and letters, company policy documents, reports and so on. A paraphrase, which involves rewriting and rewording a document, can go even further by generally improving it and making it more attractive to the reader. Our paraphrasing service includes a full edit and proofreading to ensure there are no grammar or spelling errors or repetition and that consistency is maintained. 

3.Paraphrasing for authors

If you are an experienced author, we understand that you would not want your work to be paraphrased, or even edited, because you rightly want to maintain your style, but we do offer a proofreading service for experienced authors. However, the situation is very different for new authors. If you are planning to write your first book, you will probably be somewhat nervous and will be asking yourself “Will I get anyone to publish it?” or “If it is published, will it sell many copies?”

Maybe you have written the first chapter and you are not sure if it will attract the reader. Remember that readers can “switch off” after the first few lines if they don’t find the book interesting. Also, at this stage, you may have not yet developed a style. This is where our paraphrasing service can help.  

4.Paraphrasing informal language

Not all writing needs to be formal or academic. Sometimes, direct, simple and everyday language will be more likely to attract readers, particularly those who are not academics. Even if the language is informal, it may still benefit from a full paraphrase, and our paraphrasing service respects the informality of your style. 

5.Paraphrasing for hobbyists

Most people are passionate about their hobbies which give a welcome break from work. You may want to share your hobby by writing a blog or by writing a magazine article. Our paraphrasing service can help to make your article more interesting. 

6.What is paraphrasing?

 Paraphrasing involves:

a: a thorough understanding of the document and of the message it is trying to convey;

b: a complete rewriting of the document with a different sentence structure;

c: appropriate use of synonyms and rewording throughout;

d: reduction of similarity to a minimum in order to avoid plagiarism;

e: a check that the paraphrased text is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. 



What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the rewriting of a piece of text in one’s own words while not changing the meaning. It involves the use of synonyms (words with the same of similar meanings) and restructuring of sentences and word order.


Why is paraphrasing used in academic writing?

There are two main reasons for this:


(1)   To avoid plagiarism

While it is accepted that students writing an essay, dissertation or thesis will need to quote from scholars and authors whose work they have researched, it is unacceptable to quote the work of others (directly or indirectly) without giving a citation. This is plagiarism. However, it is acceptable for the student to use his/her own words to present an author’s argument provided that a citation is given. Consider the following simple example: In conducting research, a student has read a book written by John Smith, and wishes to use this author’s words to develop his own argument. Smith says in his book, “Experiments have proved that excessively high levels of temperature and humidity have a detrimental impact on the efficiency of the workers in the office.” If the student quotes this word-for-word, it could be interpreted as plagiarism. The best option here would be for the sentence to be paraphrased, “According to experiments conducted by John Smith (2000), office staff are less efficient in an atmosphere of high levels of humidity and temperature.” If words obtained from an author are paraphrased then they must not be in quotation marks, although the citation is given. Any attempt to paraphrase an author’s words, and place them in quotation marks could be regarded as misquoting the author. Occasionally, it may have a greater impact to quote the author directly, in which case the quotation marks should be used, and the words quoted exactly as the author wrote them. However, such quotations should not be used too frequently.


(2)  To give the essay a more professional appearance

Our paraphrasing service for academics and students ensures that an essay has a professional look. We are aware that academic language is unique, and that sometimes when people are writing in a language which is not their mother tongue, they may not always have a wide vocabulary of academic language. This means that we make the most appropriate word choice for the topic of the essay. We also ensure that there is no unnecessary repetition of words, even when we use a synonym to replace the original words.


Some words are not ideal for academic writing, such as: “get” and “thing”, and also colloquial and slang words. Shortened words such as “can’t”, “didn’t” and “we’ll” are not acceptable in academic language either, so we will not use these. Sometimes we come across unclear text and excessively long sentences which can confuse the reader. In our paraphrasing service, we rewrite these sentence in a clear and unambiguous way in new sentences that are not too long. Very occasionally, we find a sentence that is unclear, and despite our experience in this work, we are unable to suggest a clearer way of expressing the sentence. In this case, we will leave a comment, as we also do if we are not 100 per cent sure that the word we suggest has retained your intended meaning. Consistency is essential in any academic document; therefore, we ensure that our paraphrase is consistent.


Technical words and keywords

We are aware that every academic document contains technical terms and keywords. Sometimes these are very complex such as names of chemicals or legal terms which cannot be changed. By keywords, we mean frequently occurring words that are central to the entire document. Moreover, even some simple words cannot be changed, such as, “water” and “air”. Other words that cannot be changed are proper names (names of people and places).


What else does our academic paraphrasing service provide?

Our paraphrase will be free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. This is important as incorrect punctuation can sometimes change the meaning of a sentence. In the English language, spelling can vary according to which version is being used (for instance, American, Australian, British or Canadian); therefore, we are consistent in using whichever version you wish to use. Some words have equally acceptable spelling; in this case we ensure that one form is used consistently throughout the document. Some punctuation marks have equally acceptable alternatives, such as whether to use single or double quotation marks. Other variations can be whether to use italics or quotation marks for names of publications. Once again, consistency is essential. We advise our clients to abide by the style guide of the university to which they are submitting their essay, and to let us know, before we start the paraphrasing, which of the various alternatives are to be used.


Fact Checking

We do not usually check facts in academic documents, especially in highly-complex expressions; neither do we check the calculations in numerical tables. However, if we come across a very obvious factual error, in what is a universally known fact, we will draw the client’s attention to it. Examples are “Water boils at 100°F.” or “World War 2 ended in 1845.”


Verifying statements

Sometimes we come across statements such as, “It is evident that..” or “Some scholars claim that…”. The person who is marking the essay may say “Quote the evidence” or “Name the scholars.” In other words, it is unwise to make a statement if you cannot verify it with evidence. We may draw the client’s attention to statements of this kind.


Client’s Requirements

The more we know of our clients’ requirements, the more we can help them; for example, what referencing style you are using, what your university’s style guide stipulates, whether you want us to paraphrase the entire document of only a part of it.


Why not try our sampling service?

If you send us a sample of up to 100 words, we can paraphrase it free of change so that you can see the quality of our work.


Guide to Paraphrasing


A Practical Guide to Paraphrasing 

Paraphrasing is much more than changing a few words or of moving some blocks of words around. It is much more than switching active and passive voice in a sentence. It cannot be done in a hurry, and occupies a great amount of time.  

1.Reading and understanding the document

The first step of paraphrasing is to read the whole passage carefully, more than once if necessary, until a thorough understanding has been gained. This will enable the paraphraser to know exactly what message the writer is trying to convey.  

2.Rewriting the document

Although paraphrasing is, of course, in the same language as the original, it can be compared to translation, which involves more than simply translating words from one language to another. Each language has its own idioms, sentence structure and word order. A good translator reads the passage, assimilates the meaning and then rewrites it in the target language. This is precisely what a good paraphraser does, but in the same language. Sometimes, the paraphraser needs to simplify the original style, especially if writing for a non-academic audience, whereas at other times, it may be necessary to paraphrase in more formal language.  

3.Sentence structure

There are many types of sentence structure in both academic and non-academic writing. Sentence structure will change according to which words or ideas are to be emphasised, which again shows why a good understanding is necessary. Sentences which are too long will confuse the reader and fail to express ideas clearly, while very short sentences will break up the continuity of the text and make it appear more like a list than an essay. It is essential that the text flows naturally from one sentence to another and develops the topic or idea, which will lead to a conclusion at the end of the essay. There should be minimal similarity between the original and the paraphrased version, and if sentence structure is not changed, plagiarism may be detected. 

4.Rewording and the use of synonyms

Since paraphrasing involves rewriting a passage in one’s own words, the words chosen to replace the original ones should accurately express the meaning of the document, and not be chosen at random which is why a paraphraser needs to have a good vocabulary. It can be helpful to use a thesaurus when paraphrasing, but it must be used with care as it will give many different synonyms for one word, some of which may not be appropriate. Although many words are similar in meaning, only a few words have an identical meaning; therefore, it is a good idea to look up the replacement word in a dictionary to check if the meaning has been retained. Furthermore, it is important to realise that some words can be either nouns or verbs; for example, “bark” as a noun means the outer layer of a tree trunk, whereas “bark” as a verb means the sound that a dog makes. 

5.Formal and informal language

Although the main use of paraphrasing is for formal and academic writing, it can improve informal language. However, it is important to keep to either formal or informal language throughout the document. For instance; if the original is in academic language, the paraphrase should be also. Similarly, an original with informal language should be paraphrased into informal language. If the two styles are mixed, the document will look very awkward.  

6.Editing and proofreading

When a document has been paraphrased, it needs to be read again to see if the meaning of the original has been retained. It also needs to be edited and proofread, as grammar, spelling and other errors may have been inadvertently made during the paraphrasing process. 

7. Some examples of good and bad paraphrasing 



Extensive research is being conducted into the cause of the decline in the population of corncrakes. This bird was once abundant throughout the United Kingdom, but changes in farming methods have led to its decline, but it can still be seen in the Hebrides.  

Paraphrase 1:

Complete scrutiny is being carried out into the source of the subsidence in the population of corncrakes. This bird was once affluent throughout the United Kingdom, but changes in farming procedures have provoked its degeneration, but it can still be recognised in the Hebrides. 

Paraphrase 2

Comprehensive research is being undertaken into the reason for the reduction in the number of corncrakes. This bird was once common in all areas of the United Kingdom, but new farming systems have caused decline, although it remains observable in the Hebrides. 

Paraphrase 3

The corncrake, once an abundant bird throughout the United Kingdom, has, according to extensive research, experienced a population decline; although, in the Hebrides, it can still be seen. It is said its decline has been caused that changes in farming methods.

Paraphrase 4

The corncrake, once a frequently seen bird in all areas the United Kingdom, has, according to comprehensive research, experienced a reduction in numbers; although, in the Hebrides, these birds continue to be observed. It is said that this reduction is a result of new farming techniques. 


Paraphrase 1 is very poor. It makes an over-zealous and incorrect use of a thesaurus (see italicised words) which causes a change in meaning. Furthermore, the change of “extensive” to “complete” mentions a completed activity with a present tense verb, which is incorrect. It also uses a phrasal verb which is not good practice. No attempt has been made to rewrite or to restructure the sentences. Paraphrase 2 is an improvement in that it makes better use of synonyms, but it makes no effort to change the sentence structure. Paraphrase 3 changes the sentence structure but does not change any of the words. Paraphrase 4 shows a considerable improvement because it uses appropriate synonyms and changes the sentence structure. 



Meteorological records reveal that, last winter, the country experienced frequent and regular rainfall, powerful and destructive winds, as a result of which transport companies reported disruption and cancellation of public transport services. 

Paraphrase 1:

During the past winter, according to national meteorological records, there were strong winds and frequent rain which caused public transport disruption

Paraphrase 2:

During the past winter, according to national meteorological records, strong and destructive winds and regular and frequent rainfall occurred. Consequently, transport undertakings experienced delays to and cancellations of their services.


Paraphrase 1 shortens the original, but in doing so it omits some of the facts, and assumes that “frequent” and “regular” have the same meaning. It also omits the word “cancellation” which the writer clearly intends to be there. Paraphrase 2 corrects this. 



The local council has received a planning application from a major supermarket chain to build a new store close to a busy road junction. The planning committee is considering all the implications of this application and the arguments for and against it. 

Paraphrase 1

A large supermarket company has submitted, to the local council, an application for new premises in the vicinity of a busy road junction. The advantages and disadvantages of such a plan will now be debated by the council’s planning committee. It is likely that the new store would cause more traffic congestion, but that it would bring more jobs to the area. 

Paraphrase 2

A large supermarket company has submitted, to the local council, an application for new premises in the vicinity of a busy road junction. The advantages and disadvantages of such a plan will now be debated by the council’s planning committee. 


Both 1 and 2 give a reasonable paraphrase, although many words cannot be changed, but Paraphrase 1 adds a sentence, probably reflecting the opinion or assumption of the paraphraser. Although this may well be the case, as such arguments are usually presented in supermarket applications, the writer of the original does not say this, so it should not be added to the paraphrased version. Paraphrase 2 removes it. 



Travel agents have found business difficult in recent years. This is because more people are booking holidays online. Sometimes there is no choice because many travel agents have closed. Now, travel agents are hitting back by doing more of their business online. They hope that people will use their online services. But this could cost people more if the travel agent charges commission or a booking fee. But the travel companies might give the travel agent a commission for getting business for them. 

Paraphrase 1

Business has now become difficult for travel agents. This is due to the fact that an increasing number of people book holidays online. However, since many travel agents have now closed, people have no option. This has led to travel agents increasingly responding by entering the online booking business. This is in the hope that the online booking services will be used by their customers. People fear that this would be more expensive due to travel agents’ booking fees and commission charges. There is a hope, however, that the agents will be given commission by the travel companies. 

Paraphrase 2

The current trend for a growing number of people to book their holidays online has seriously affected the business of travel agents, many of which have closed, thereby giving people no option. However, in response to this situation, travel agents are now conducting more business online in order to persuade people to patronise them. Nevertheless, potential customers fear that their holidays will be more expensive if they are required to pay commission to the agent as well as a booking fee; whereas the agents hope that the travel companies will pay them some commission. 


The original certainly needs to be paraphrased. It is no more than a series of random thoughts expressed in disjointed sentences. It is also rather too informal. Paraphrase 1 has made some attempt to restructure individual sentences but has not resolved the disjointed nature of the document. Paraphrase 2 has rewritten and restructured the document, and merged the sentences together. This enables the text to flow better, making it more interesting to read. 



A new research laboratory, which was promised five years ago, and which is therefore long overdue is at last to be erected for the physics department of the university, and staff and students are very excited about this good news which will enable them to carry out more research because it will be much larger than the present laboratory which has been in use since 1970. This means that the department will be able to carry out new research projects in a variety of topics and it is hoped that new postgraduate students will be encouraged to apply to the department to study for their masters’ degrees; the contractors expect the new building to be finished by August of this year meaning that it should be equipped for use by mid-October. 

Paraphrase 1

Five years ago, the university’s physics department was promised a new research laboratory and students are staff are looking forward to this long overdue project being accomplished, as this larger laboratory will enable them to conduct more research than they can in the present 1970 laboratory. Such research will cover many subjects which it is hoped that new postgraduate students will study for their master’s degrees and thereby apply to the university; as the new laboratory will have built by August and be ready for use by mid-October. 

Paraphrase 2

It is good news for the university that, after a long wait of five years, the physics department is at last to have a new research laboratory which will be considerably larger than the existing (1970) one. The staff and students are looking forward to conducting new research programmes in many new topics as well as to attracting new postgraduate masters’ degree students to apply. Although the new building will be completed by August this year, it is expected that it will be ready for use in mid-October, by which time all the equipment will have been installed. 


Paraphrase 1 makes an effort to change the sentence structure and reword the passage, but retains the two very long sentences. Paraphrase 2 is an improvement as it rewrites the passage and splits the sentences, thereby making the text much clearer. 

8. Our paraphrasing service

It can be seen from this guide that paraphrasing is a complex task. If it is to be effective, it needs a skilful and experienced person and also occupies a considerable amount of time. This is why we recommend that you use our professional paraphrasing service, which also includes editing and proofreading.


Why should businesses need their documents to be paraphrased?

While most businesses understand the value of having a document proofread or edited, few may see any benefit in having the material that they produce paraphrased. However, there are occasions when this would be helpful. Although it is unlikely that businesses producing their own written material will need to address plagiarism, there are other reasons why they may need a paraphrasing service


Today’s business market is very competitive, and every business needs to keep one step ahead of its competitors if it is become more successful. A company’s website is its shop window which will be read by thousands or even millions of potential customers. All too often, a glance through websites reveals that many of them have not been updated, or some need to be rewritten because they no longer have an impact on their readers. Indeed, potential customers will judge a company’s efficiency by its website. Also, companies sometimes ask why their websites are not receiving as much traffic as they did previously. Just as with any document, if you write a document, you ‘see’ what it is in your mind rather than what is on the page. It could be that some websites need to be completely rewritten because, in their present format, they no longer attract customers. Maybe the sentences are too long, or unnecessarily complicated words are used, both of which are recipes for readers to switch off. Therefore, rewriting and paraphrasing website content can give new life to a website, so it is well worth employing a professional paraphrasing service. 

Company Reports

Reading a company report can be a mundane task, despite the fact that it contains much useful, indeed vital, information for the shareholders, customers and even the general public. Of necessity, the parts of company reports that present financial statements take the same format from year to year. This is unavoidable because of the requirement to compare the accounts with those of the previous year. However, this is a different matter where the narrative of the report is concerned. Some readers may simply skip through the narrative, and look only at the financial statement, which gives them the state of the company at a glance. However, the narrative does contain important information about the past development and future prospects of the company. It also provides any necessary explanations for items in the financial statement. It is therefore important that the narrative is attractive to readers, so that they do not skip over it, thereby missing some important information. This may be attained by rewriting the narrative by a thorough paraphrase. 


Although advertising is mainly the realm of the copywriter, particularly for large companies, there are occasions when paraphrasing may be helpful, especially for small companies. These companies may write their own advertising material, such as flyers. These need to be well written if they are to bring an effective response. Advertising is all about impact, and advertising material which is better written will have a greater impact on its target audience. Therefore, even flyers can benefit from a paraphrase so that they have a maximum impact. 

Our Paraphrasing Service for Businesses

We offer a paraphrasing service for businesses for any of the above-mentioned material. Our quality service is available at reasonable prices, and we have a fast turnover rate. Why not try our free-sample service to see if you like the quality of our work? 



Why should I write a blog?

Over the past few years, blogs have increasingly become an effective means of communication. One of the main reasons why people write blogs is that they have a much larger target audience than do articles on the printed page. They have the potential to reach millions of people. The Internet is now the main vehicle for people who have a strong opinion about a particular topic to share their thoughts with others. In the past, the usual way of doing this was to write a letter to a newspaper. If you are thinking of writing a blog, you may well be encouraged by the fact that it could be read by millions of people, but you need to ask yourself, ‘Who will be interested in reading my blog, and why?’ There are millions of blogs on innumerable topics, so if your blog is it be effective, it needs to be good, otherwise it will be dismissed by most of its readers. It is a known fact that in the digital age in which we live, people’s attention spans are much shorter than they used to be. If they don’t find the first sentence, or even the first few words, interesting, they will switch off and look for another blog.  

How can I make my blog interesting?

You may have something very valuable to say, but the way in which you say it is as important as the content itself. Therefore, the linguistic style is key to presenting an attractive blog. The style will, of course, vary depending on your own personal style and also on the topic. Some topics may need an academic style, while others will be better when written in an informal and conversational style. It may well be that grammar is not so important in an informal blog as it is in a formal academic essay that is going to be assessed by an examiner. However, if you think that grammar does not matter at all, then think again. Although grammar has rules, its real purpose is to make the language convey the writer’s message without confusion or ambiguity. For example, if sentences are too long, the reader will switch off, or even if a comma is in the wrong place, it can change the entire meaning. 

Why should I get my blog paraphrased?

One advantage of blogs is that they give anyone the opportunity of expressing an opinion to a large audience. The writer of a blog may be a professional writer or someone who has little experience of writing. Some blog writers may feel disappointed if there has been no feedback to their blog, despite the effort they put into it and their strong opinions about the topic. Others may feel that their blog is not attractive, but don’t know how to improve it. These are circumstances where a professional paraphraser can help. The paraphraser will rewrite the blog, so that it is more interesting to its readers. One reason why many blogs have little impact on their readers is the choice of words. It is essential that the word choice has a maximum impact if readers are not to switch off. Experienced paraphrasers have a good vocabulary and are able to choose the best words that are appropriate to the topic. The order of sentences and the order of words within a sentence are also important. Professional paraphrasers, many of whom are experienced writers themselves, know how to arrange the words and sentences in a way that will give maximum impact. They will also ensure that the grammar is correct, but that the formal or informal approach is retained, including cases where the blog is in a conversational style. Paraphrasers will also use correct spelling and punctuation, because errors in these can change the meaning.

Our paraphrasing services UK

We have a team of experienced paraphrasers who give quality service and enable you to achieve the maximum impact from your blog. Our prices are reasonable and our turnaround time is quick. Why not try our free sample service so that you can see the quality of our work?



Websites vary in quality — some are very good, others are average and others are poor. Today, people wanting to buy products or use services offered by a company will look for a website. Transactions are increasingly performed online, with customers finding what they want to purchase on a website, and then paying for it online and having the item delivered to their home. Such transactions are undertaken without any person-to-person contact. This is the modern way of shopping, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people have not left their homes for many months. All retail businesses now realise that they cannot exist only on customers visiting their stores to make purchases. Even when people do visit a store, they have often bought the item online, and used the ‘click and collect’ option. Although some people like browsing around a store, many people do not. This is because they do not want to spend too much time in a crowded store, or even because they cannot always find what they are looking for and waste much time wandering around the store.


Comparing websites

Every business knows the importance of a good website. For this reason, companies may look at the websites of their competitors to compare them with their own. Imagine you look at a competitor’s website and you are very impressed with it. You may even find yourself admitting that it is much better than your own site. Maybe you know that your competitor is very successful in business, and that your business is not so successful. Although there could be many reasons for this, you may well ask yourself if your competitor’s website is the main reason for this. If websites are to be successful, they must have a professional look. This of course involves the layout, but also the content. You may be asking yourself if you could use another website as a guide to write the content of your own. You can indeed learn from other websites when preparing to write your own, but you must do this without any hint of plagiarism. This is where you will find our website paraphrasing service helpful.


What does our website paraphrasing service offer?

We read through every page of your website (or the parts of it you want us to paraphrase) and then rewrite it while retaining the meaning. We rewrite it in the best possible way to attract potential customers. One of the key factors when writing a website is to know your potential audience so the content can be tailored to their needs. Basically, you are attempting to persuade your readers to purchase your products. We can help you by presenting your text in a more attractive way and improving the word choice. Our aim is to get your message across in the best possible way.


We also ensure that that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct. This is important as any errors of this kind will look unprofessional which would give your readers an unfavourable view of your company. We are aware that some websites are formal in nature while other are informal. We respect this, and we paraphrase your website within whichever approach you choose. Consistency is important, particularly in spelling, and we ensure that whatever version of English you use, the spelling is consistent within that version for every word. The same is true when a word has two acceptable spellings. We do our best to ensure that the number of words in the paraphrased version is close to the original, as we realise that in a website, you may be restricted to a certain word count.


What we don’t do

We do not decide on what the content of your website should be, neither do we write the website for you. We understand that you may have a professional copywriter to do this. Our task is to take what you have already written and to re-write in the best possible way without changing the meaning.


Why not try our sample service?

We offer a sampling service of up to 100 words free of charge, so that you can see the quality of our work. Please contact us if you require this.

rewrite your cv/cover letter

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Having your CV and personal statement professionally paraphrased and reworked can have a very positive impact on your chances of securing a job. After all, if your CV does not impress at first glance, you are not likely to move forward in the recruitment process. We have highly experienced CV paraphrasers and rewriters who will go through your resume or cover letter to rewrite and paraphrase it in a way that would showcase your best strengths, skills, experience and background. This CV paraphrasing service is very detailed and thorough and will ensure your cover letter and resume are written in robust language in an attractive style of writing.